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If you and your child are beginning to consider career path options, the Career Cornerstone Center can help you explore the fields of science, technology, engineering, mathematics, computing, and healthcare.  You can find out more about universities, and explore the different types of academic degrees that are available in the United States, including the new Professional Science Master's degree.

And, if your child is in middle or high school, there are many recommendations for courses or activities you might consider that may help you move closer to finding out which career paths may be of interest. These include encouraging your child to get involved with programs and projects or attend summer STEM camps that can let them experience science and engineering firsthand, and also participate in teams of students with similar interests.  There is even a new section that explores online education options.

Lists of activities, lessons, and other materials are also available on this site which can offer more experiences for your child and ideas for extracurricular activities.

Career planning is an ongoing process.  It may involve networking, exploring resources, and possibly having a mentor who can help advise you. 

Involvement in professional associations can also be a great help, as can gaining experience through internships or coops. This site also provides additional support on diversity, salary information, job hunting suggestions, and profiles of what a typical day in a field might be like.  





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