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If you are an early career professional considering your career options, the Career Cornerstone Center has a variety of resources for you.  You may be considering switching to a different career, or exploring options within your current path.

Explore options within your degree field or industry.  See how networking can help you forge contacts to help you chart your future.  Explore mentoring as an option, and if you are considering changing career paths, be sure to check out the job hunting section.

This site has been developed to help individuals explore the fields of science, technology, engineering, mathematics, computing, and healthcare.  We have included many resources, and an extensive interview database of professionals working in these areas.  By exploring the experiences of these individuals you  may gain a better feel for what it is like to be employed in a variety of fields. 

You'll be able to explore differences between working in large companies, small companies, or being self-employed.  You can explore whether an advanced degree may make sense and explore the different types of academic degrees available in the United States. 

Career planning is, of course, an ongoing process.  Involvement in professional associations can also be a great help. Cornerstone also provides additional support on diversity, salary information, and profiles of what a typical day in a field might be like.  If you would like to suggest additional resources you'd like to see on this site, please let us know.





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