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Electrical Engineering Technology
Electrical engineering technologists help to design, develop, test, and manufacture electrical and electronic equipment such as communication equipment, radar, industrial and medical measuring or control devices, navigational equipment, robotics, and computers. They may work in product evaluation and testing, using measuring and diagnostic devices to adjust, test, and repair equipment. Electrical and electronic engineering technology also is applied to a wide variety of systems such as communication and process controls. Electrical engineering technologists may also be involved in the generation and distribution of electric power. With renewed interest in alternate forms of electric generation (wind, solar, etc.) this field is growing in importance, and requires the expertise of electrical engineering technologists.

Electrical engineering technologists often applying project management skills, and preparing design and operation documents for an electrical system.  They may also be involved in selecting appropriate devices and practices, and will interact between designers, developers, and customers.

Those interested in a career in electrical engineering technology should consider reviewing engineering technology programs that are accredited by ABET, Inc. However, there are many ET programs not yet accredited by ABET, so check with your local community college or university for more information. If you choose to attend a program that is not ABET accredited, you should be sure that the university is regionally accredited. Students take courses such as digital electronics, linear electronic circuits, programmable logic controllers, fundamentals of semiconductors, and technical physics. 

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