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Chemistry Overview - Overview PowerPoint - Podcast

Stanley Nickle

Senior Research Chemist
E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company, Inc.
Philadelphia, PA

M.S. - Chemistry, University of Texas at Dallas
Ph.D. - Chemistry, University of Texas at Dallas
Senior Research Chemist in Polymer Chemistry for the Automotive Products Department
"Take the time and effort to broaden the scope of your expertise. Take courses in communications, computers, and business."

"As a senior research chemist in the Finishes Division of the Polymer and Automotive Department, I work with high performance and glamour coatings for automotive, refinish, heavy-duty truck, and other transportation industries. My responsibilities are evenly divided between new product development and technical support for existing products. I conduct statistically designed experiments on potential product formulations, evaluate new raw materials, work with other chemists to develop new resins, and provide technical support to marketing, sales, and customers.

My background includes knowledge of polymer architecture, surface analysis techniques and data analysis. Other skills that helped prepare me for this position include problem solving and communication skills. It is vital in my position to work with people in marketing, sales, manufacturing, legal, and central research departments and in customer laboratories."

His advice to students? Take the time and effort to broaden the scope of your expertise. Take courses in communications, computers, and business. An internship, co-op, or summer employment in the industry can give you an inside track and teach you a lot.

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