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Physics Overview - Overview PowerPoint - Podcast

Carl Landis

Associate Medical
Southside Medical Center
Western Reserve
Healthcare Corp.

B.S. -- Physics; Westminster College
M.S. -- Medical Physics; University of Kentucky, Lexington
Associate Medical Physicist, supporting therapeutic and diagnostic radiology by insuring compliance with regulations and keeping patients safe from radiation.
"Medical Physics mostly applies and traditionally applies to the application of radiation in the medical arts. This has expanded in recent years with new technologies."

"Medical Physics mostly applies and traditionally applies to the application of radiation in the medical arts. Now this has expanded in recent years with new technologies. As a matter of fact magnetic resonance imaging is heavy in physics, CT scanning, of course that's a new technology, but it's also electromagnetic radiation and ultra sound, lasers and there are other things that you run into. I like the idea of it being applied physics where I can use it, and this might sound corny, but I can use it to help people. So I started looking around for something that I could use my physics to apply it to something and medical physics seemed to turn out to be a thing that looked good, and so far I've been very happy in it."

Landis: "The people I work with in the medical physics department consist of two medical physicists. We both have our master's degrees. We have a dosimetrist and we have a physics assistant. The two physicists are also certified by the American Board of Radiology in radiation oncology physics, diagnostic physics, and nuclear medicine physics. Our docemitrist is certified in dosimetry and our physics assistant is working on his certification in dosimetry. We work closely with the people here whose job it is to treat cancer patients with radiation. Most of my job is overseeing and making sure that we comply with regulations and then make sure that we keep our patients safe from radiation and keep our staff and visitors safe from radiation."

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