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Many organizations and universities offer special opportunities for students considering careers in science, mathematics, technology, engineering, computing, or medicine.  These include scholarships and internships that provide real work experience in a field of interest.  The following list is not all inclusive, and if you know of others that should be included, please let us know



Some scholarships are available from government agencies, others from corporations, non-profit organizations, professional societies, and universities.  The following is just a short list to show the diversity of opportunities available.  Be sure to check with prospective schools about scholarship options, and also companies and professional societies that are focused on the career field you are considering. Other scholarships can be searched on the College Board website.



Professional Society:



Many large and small companies, government agencies, and non profit organizations offer internships to college students.  Some offer summer work opportunities for high school students too.  Within the field of engineering, these work experiences are considered vital to the education process and many schools have structured internships or coop programs built in to the curriculum.  Whatever path you choose, having an opportunity to work -- even for a little while -- in the field will help you determine if you like the work and if it is really the career path you wish to pursue.  In addition, often an internship will lead to a job offer post graduation.



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