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Mathematics Overview - Overview PowerPoint - Podcast

Valerie Lopez

Towers Perrin
Cincinnati, OH

B.S. - Mathematics, University of Texas, Austin
Associate, performing analysis on funding pension plans.
Before moving to Cincinnati, Valerie helped start a program at the University of Texas at Austin that brings in recent alumni representing different fields in actuarial science to talk about their experiences.

"It was different for me, going from college to the work environment, in the sense that in college I was used to doing things on my own and getting through homework on my own, and getting through the tests on my own, and transitioning to the work environment where most of everything you do is done in teams -- not necessarily large teams, but usually teams of two to three. As an analyst, you do the work and someone checks you and then someone at a higher level will oversee this work and make sure that they agree with it from their own perspective. And so you end up working with people of different skills, and it's fascinating to learn from those people of different skills, but you do learn a lot about teamwork."

Lopez: "The way that I break away from job and try to give myself a sense of balance from working the crazy hours, is I've joined a club called Toastmasters, it's a speaking group. And I love to speak. And I can join that and escape for a while and do something fun and be a part of a different group. And that's real relaxing for me. The other thing that I like to do to relax is to go see live music or go out with friends and that's been a difficulty for me, because a lot of times, in order to continue my profession I have to keep taking these exams. So I hate to say this, but a lot of my free time is spent studying."

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 Actuarial Science


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