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Mathematics Overview - Overview PowerPoint - Podcast

Anthony Kearsley

Research Mathematician
National Institute of Standards and Technology
Gaithersburg, MD

B.A. - Mathematics, University of Maryland
M.S. - Computational and Applied Mathematics, Rice University
Ph.D. - Computation and Applied Mathematics, Rice University
Research Mathematician, providing mathematical research support to scientists.
Tony believes each scientific discipline has its own language and exposure to different areas enables the applied mathematician to communicate with scientist working in other disciplines.

"I ended up not doing very well in high school and in fact, barely getting a high school diploma and had no interest at all in anything academic. I spent a year and a half traveling around Europe with a backpack and real sort of cerebral-free activities, and then ended up enrolling at the community college. I got a job as a custodian, as a matter of fact, and started taking courses at night. There was a professor there who convinced me to enroll at the -- in the electrical engineering program at The University of Maryland. So I started there. Sort of floated around in engineering for a while and it was during that time that I was hired here as a college student. And so I came as a summer intern here and started writing computer programs for the -- what was then, the Applied and Computational Math Division. So that's sort of where it started. After working the summer here, I went in and changed my major to mathematics and from there it was math all the way."

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 Actuarial Science


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