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Mathematics Overview - Overview PowerPoint - Podcast

Deanna Chipman

Senior Engineer
The Boeing Company
Seattle, WA


B.S. - Mathematics, Angelo State University
M.S. - Mechanical Engineering / Astronautics, George Washington University
Senior Engineer working in the Integrated Aircraft Systems Lab, developing code to simulate aircraft maneuvers and design.
Deanna enjoys seeing the real time results of running, from the cab of a Boeing 747 aircraft, the simulations she develops.

"There was one course in Mathematics that I absolutely hated. It was called Advanced Calculus and they named it Advanced Calculus but it was a misnomer actually. It was theorems and proofs. The whole time we were in class it was theorem and proof, theorem and proof, day after day. We got a theorem, we proved the theorem. That gave me a logical platform to look at code and develop code and simulate aircraft maneuvers and simulate aircraft design. That's the thing that gave me the greatest appreciation for logic and that's what I use everyday is my logic."

"My background in Mathematics prepared me for graduate school and the fact that you had the basis to go anywhere you wanted to. I could have done anything. I could have gone to any sort of Engineering. I could have gone to Computer Science. I could have gone to Physics; I could have gone to any sort of science, as well as any sort of teaching. I elected to go Astronautics because that was my level of interest."

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 Actuarial Science


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