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Mathematics Overview - Overview PowerPoint - Podcast

Erek Barhoum

Senior Structure Engineer
The Boeing Company
Seattle, WA


B.S. - Mathematics / Mechanical Engineering, Oregon State University
Works in the Stress Methods group, developing stress analysis methods.
Eric likes the flexibility he has in his schedule, currently working 10 hours a day for four days.

"The job with the Boeing Company came as a result of initially there was a job fair in Portland and I had gone there and after receiving some literature I found out about opportunities up here, primarily in the Pugot Sound. There were a few in Portland, but not in my area. So I sent a resume or two up here and I can't say I got results from that, but I did kind of make a few contacts up here and like everybody will find out as soon as they start looking, that's pretty much how things happen."

Barhoum: "The first few months I was here, which wasn't that long ago, it was really a pretty good feeling. Everybody was pretty receptive to the new kid and they really kind of treated you pretty well especially the first couple of weeks. It's not like you're thrown into some big project and expected to win a Nobel Prize, but there isn't really an introductory period really, you're just kind of introduced to your group and it's kind of taken from there. Everybody's kind of nice around here so it was no big deal."

Barhoum: "During the day here a typical problem, here they're pretty structured. This company has been around for eighty years. At this point there's really nothing 'cutting edge' that I'm working on, Structures, everything is pretty well known. If I have to do a calculation there's usually computer support for it or something like Mode of Inertia and the problem right now is that I'm in a very early stage in my particular project where I'm collecting all the data and kind of organizing it so I really haven't gotten to the point where I'm doing any great calculations yet. Collecting data could entail either simply going through what we have on file in our library. It could mean going to other libraries and trying to find references and sources. It could mean talking to other groups, getting sources there. It could mean an attempt to track down an author or an article on the internet."

Barhoum: "Outside of the office I like to lift weights and never as much as I'd like to anymore. I like to play basketball, play football, go out with my friends and enjoy the nightlife of Seattle. I only put in forty hours a week here but still it seems like there's not enough hours in the day to do everything you want to do so it's kind of a tough thing and I'm still in transition there, trying to learn that process and hopefully I'll get that buckled down eventually."

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