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Mathematics Overview - Overview PowerPoint - Podcast

Steven Altshuler

Microsoft Corporation
Redmond, WA


B.S. - Mathematics, University of Pennsylvania
M.S. - Mathematics, University of California, San Diego
Ph.D. - Mathematics, University of California, San Diego
Architect, working in the research division, and managing a group of mathematicians and statisticians.
"Mathematics at the undergraduate level is all that's required at Microsoft to make great changes in the world."

"So actually Mathematics at the undergraduate level is all that's required I think at Microsoft to make great changes in the world. For example, I've worked in the Cryptography group for a short time and some of the most fundamental algorithms that Cryptographers use are nothing more than you might learn from Hershstein's book in an undergraduate course in Algebra. I've worked on compression technology, that's stuff that an undergraduate with a second year degree in Advanced Calculus or with some knowledge of transference could make an advance in. Our current work is work on analyzing Web Log data and we use nothing more often than just undergraduate statistics and probability."

Altshuler: "What I do for fun outside the office includes taking care of my children. I do some climbing, there's a climbing wall right next to campus. Skiing is very close to campus. I like to ride my bike, there's a great jogging and biking trail that goes right into Seattle, it's about forty miles long and I guess I like to do a lot of Mathematics at night. I still consider Math a hobby so it's a lot of fun for me to just pick up a book and read it and I know that must sound terribly nerdy of me."

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