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Geosciences Overview 

Denise Stone

Petroleum Geologist
Houston, TX

BS, Texas Christian University (Geology)
MS, Memphis State (Geology)
Petroleum Geologist

Stone: "What I really enjoy about my work, and what's satisfying to me, is the opportunity to work with talented, motivated people every day, and I think that's what it all boils down to. And they can be geoscientists, they can be engineers, economists, accountants, just a variety of folks that really like what they're doing, and they choose to do that and be there every day, as opposed to somewhere else. You know, if you're working with folks that aren't all that happy to be there in what they're doing, and doing what they're doing, it's -- it can be sort of disheartening and diminishing in a way."

Ms. Stone received a B.S. in Geology from Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, Texas and an M.S. in Geology from Memphis State University in Memphis, Tennessee. She entered college expecting to major in International Relations, a major combining economics, political science and business. Following an introductory geology course which was a science requirement, she changed her major to Geology. After going on a few geology field trips she came to realize that geology is an observational science which combined well with her tendency to be a visual learner. In 1977, she joined Union Oil of California as an Assistant Geologist and worked with them for three summers during undergraduate and graduate school. Following completion of her master's degree, she joined Superior Oil International in Houston, Texas and spent the next five years working oil and gas exploration projects in the North Sea. Following their acquisition of Superior in 1984, she worked for Mobil Oil until 1985 when she joined Amoco. She has worked for Amoco since then on various international exploration projects in East Africa, Egypt, Colombia and the former Soviet Union. She is an active member of the Houston Geological Society, Geological Society of America and the American Association of Petroleum Geologists.


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