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Geosciences Overview

Profiles of Geoscientists are available on this site to provide insight into the activities, educational preparation, and daily challenges of individuals working in the geosciences.  Profiles include students, those just starting their career, and those who have been working for decades.  They cover a variety of career paths and educational backgrounds.  All offer PDF files profiling the individual and including an interview.  While these are useful tools for glimpsing into the working lives of geoscientists, it may also be helpful to network with professionals who can provide even more input, or answer your specific questions.  Bear in mind that these profiles are simply snapshots of geoscientists at one point in their career.  It is likely that these people have moved on to other jobs, perhaps expanded their education, or made other changes since the profile was created.  These individuals are not available for individual contact, but have provided candid descriptions of their education, work experiences, and career paths.  You may select a profile by name, job function, company, or geography, and may view online or download a PDF file.

If you are a geoscientist or a student currently studying geoscience, and would be interested in contributing a profile to this site, please download and complete a geoscientist or student profile form.  Thank you!

Profiles of Geoscientists

Name Company Job Function State
Anson, Gwen Shell Oil Senior Geophysicist TX
Attanayake, Prem Bechtel Corporation Chief Hydro-geologist CA
Bybell, Laurel U.S. Geological Survey Micropaleon-tologist VA
Condit, Bill U.S. House of Representatives Committee Staff DC
Constanz, Brent Norian Corporation President and CEO CA
Cowart, Vicki State of Colorado State Geologist CO
Eppink, Jeff Icf Kaiser Consulting Group Energy Policy Program Manager VA
Fiske, Peter Lawrence-Livermore Laboratory Research Scientist CA
Frodesen, Eric Western- Atlas International Senior Geologist TX
Gath, Eldon Earth Consultants International Engineering Geologist CA
Hull, Don State of Oregon State Geologist OR
Kemp, Craig Shell Oil Geological Engineer TX
Knight, Linda Houston Public Schools High School Teacher TX
Kornikow, Leonard U.S. Geological Survey Hydro-geologist VA
Landon, Susan Thomasson Partner Associates Petroleum Geologist CO
Miyazaki, Brent Advance Environ. Services Program Manager CA
Moore, Clint ION Geophysical Corp. Vice-President Corporate Development TX
Snow, Geoff Barranca Resources, Inc. Mining Consultant CO
Stone, Denise Amoco Petroleum Geologist TX
Ward, Wes U.S. Geological Survey Chief, Astrogeology Program AZ
Williams, John San Jose State University Geology Department Chair CA
Williams, Debra City of Austin Environ.
Quality Specialist
Zevin, Susan National Weather Service Deputy Assistant Administrator for Operations MD

Note: Some resources in this section were originally prepared as part of the Sloan Career Cornerstone Series CD-Rom "Careers for Geoscientists."

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