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Geosciences Overview

Vicki Cowart

State Geologist
State of Colorado
Denver, CO


BS, Worcester PolyTech (Physics)
MS, Colorado School of Mines (Geophysics)
State Geologist
"I think it is important to maintain balance. Make sure that you aren't working so hard that you lose perspective."

Cowart: "The ability to see a group of talented people do the best job that they can and to be - I think of myself as a facilitator to that. I may not be the best scientist on the block, but I've got some of them working for me. And by me being able to get the resources to them and help them shape their plans and focus their efforts, we can really accomplish some wonderful things."

Cowart: "We worry about things like engineering geology and geologic hazards. What are the issues about building in a certain area in terms of a certain geologic hazards? Are there rockfall problems, are there swelling soils problems? We provide information to the local governments about that hazard or that geologic condition and we geologic and we provide information to citizens so they can make good decisions."

Cowart: "I think it is important to maintain balance and one of the things I constantly tell my staff members is, make sure that you aren't working so hard that you lose perspective. Because if you lose your perspective -- your productivity -- your ability to do the job right is going to go down drastically. And balance…and that ability to be in other parts of the world and have other communities is the thing which gives me perspective."


 Atmospheric Science
 Science TechniciansTechnology


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