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Environmental Engineering Technology
Environmental engineering technologists work closely with environmental engineers and scientists in developing methods and devices used in the prevention, control, or correction of environmental hazards. They inspect and maintain equipment affecting air pollution and recycling. Some inspect water and wastewater treatment systems to ensure that pollution control requirements are met. They work in many fields, including environmental or safety management, manufacturing industry regulatory compliance, and chemical manufacturing. They may work at testing labs, for building consultants, or with state or federal government agencies.  The work of environmental engineering technologists focuses on wastewater treatment systems, watershed protection, environmental health and safety, air and water pollution control and evaluation, and environmental regulatory compliance.

Those interested in a career in environmental engineering technology should consider reviewing engineering technology programs that are accredited by ABET, Inc. However, there are many ET programs not yet accredited by ABET, so check with your local community college or university for more information. If you choose to attend a program that is not ABET accredited, you should be sure that the university is regionally accredited. Students explore environmental laws and regulations, air and water pollution, groundwater studies, site assessments, hazardous chemical or waste solutions, sampling, and remediation. 

Professional Organizations

American Academy of Environmental Engineers
American Institute of Chemical Engineer Environmental Division
ASCE Environmental & Water Resources Institute
ASME Environmental Engineering Division
Water Environment Federation



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