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Chemistry Overview

Deborah Hild

Nylon Technology
Solutia Inc.
Pensacola, FL

B.S. - Education and Family Resources
M.S. - Textile Science, University of Nebraska
Ph.D. - Fiber Science/Polymers, Cornell University
Supervisor of the Nylon Technology Department

Hild: "I work in nylon technology and the main thing that I do and my group does is we do surface treatments on fibers to allow them to one, process through various pieces of equipment to get it in to a final form whether it be, the main focus for us is carpet. Everything that we put on the surface allows the fiber to process through various pieces of equipment to get it to the final form."

Hild: "I've got a lot of hats, one is supervising people, and essentially what we work on is team based products, or team projects and with the team-based projects you let the team essentially manage the people in terms of the work that needs to be done. In that respect, it's more or less just providing the resources to service this projects if someone said "I have this project, this is the type of need I have," then I fit the right person to that job."

Hild: "It's so neat to get with a team and talk about an idea and then bounce it around and then build on that idea and then take that idea and then run the lab experiments, get back and talk about the data doing it by yourself is one thing but you can get so much more growth in the idea and get so many more ideas of and various avenue to look at by, by talking to a lot of other people."


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