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Chemical engineers hold about 31,700 jobs in the United States. Employment opportunities exist in many places because virtually all products require input from chemical engineers. They troubleshoot processes in Texas, write software in California, design cars in Michigan, manage production in New Jersey, analyze financial markets in New York, write documentation in Tennessee, teach in Kansas, and litigate patents in Washington, D.C. 

International Experience
While most U.S. chemical engineering students are employed in the U.S. following graduation, taking advantage of overseas study and employment could enhance your career. Foreign work assignments offer the most practical way to gain international experience, although exchange and study abroad programs do exist for chemical engineering students. There are things to consider before you decide to study or work abroad.

After graduation, starting a new job may involve moving to a new city or geographic location. Before accepting an offer, look at the personal and financial aspects involved. Consider the distance from your family and friends, and access to interesting recreational activities, in addition to the social, demographic, and economic profile of the new area. Factors like the cost of living, tax rates, the housing market, and climate are also important to consider. Enjoying where you live can make a good job even better.

Some areas of the country have higher concentrations of chemical engineering employees than others.

Note: Some resources in this section are provided by the US Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics and the American Institute of Chemical Engineers.

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