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Biology Overview 

Trish Flaster

Executive Director
Botanical Liaisons, LLC
Boulder, CO


Masters of Science, University of Colorado, 1983
Trish Flaster conducts research in sustainable supply and product development based on traditional knowledge.
"Follow your passions but learn the skills."

What fields of biology do you work in?
Flaster: Ethnobotany.

Q: When did you know you wanted to become a Biologist?
Flaster: When I became interested in health and natural foods, and horticulture these combined with a strong sense of community led to Ethnobotany. I did not know it was Ethnobotany until I started meeting with Graduate program professors and described my interests.

Q: What was your college experience like?
Flaster: Sometimes intellectually challenging. 

Q: Did you incorporate work experiences while you were an undergrad?
Flaster: Yes I had research jobs that help guide my future interests.

Q: How did you get your first job?
Flaster: Through my work study and focusing my research on a topic that was interesting to my employer.

Q: What's the most rewarding thing about being a Biologist?
Flaster: The uniqueness discovering, The functuality of medicinal plants , how people use them, how they learned the interaction. 

Q: Is there an example you can provide that shows how something you've worked on has positively impacted the world?
Flaster: Training field collectors about the basics of classical botany and sharing with people how to use plants well.

Q: Do you spend a fair amount of time traveling?
Flaster: Yes.

Q: Do you have a mentor? Or did you in your college years?
Flaster: Varous people have been my mentors as I grow.

Q: Do you find yourself working more in a team situation, or more alone?
Flaster: I am working alone now, but prefer the team synergy.

Q: Do you find you are able to balance work with social/family life while working in your current job?
Flaster: Yes.

Q: If you had to do it all over again, would you still become a Biologist?
Flaster: Yes.

Q: Did you think that school prepared you for the way the work gets done in the real world?
Flaster: Not at all.

Q: Where do you see jobs for Biologists in the future? What should students be doing to prepare themselves to take on those roles?
Flaster: Be creative probe and create what you want.

Q: What other advice do you have for precollege students?
Flaster: Follow your passions but learn the skills.


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