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A Professional Science Master's (PSM) is an reasonably new (about a decade old) graduate degree designed to allow students to pursue advanced training in science or mathematics, while simultaneously developing workplace skills highly valued by employers. PSM programs consist of two years of academic training in an emerging or interdisciplinary area, along with a professional component that may include internships and "cross-training" in workplace skills, such as business, communications, and regulatory affairs.

Biology and Biotechnology
In the area of biology and biotechnology there are a growing number of PSM programs to choose from. Interested students should refer to the Professional Science Masters online resource for confirmation and possible updates to this list.

American University Biotechnology
Barry University Medical Biotechnology
Brandeis University Biotechnology
California State University—Channel Islands Biotechnology and Bioinformatics
California State University—East Bay Biostatistics
California State University—Fresno Biotechnology
California State University—Fullerton (Joint Program with CSU-Los Angeles and Pomona) Applied Biotechnology Studies
California State University—Los Angeles (Joint Program with CSU-Fullerton and Pomona) Applied Biotechnology Studies
California State University—Pomona (Joint Program with CSU-Fullerton and Los Angeles) Applied Biotechnology Studies
California State University—Sacramento Biological Sciences—Stem Cell Concentration
California State University—San Marcos Biotechnology
Case Western Reserve University Entrepreneurial Biotechnology
The College at Brockport, State University of New York Biological Sciences
Creighton University Bioscience Management
Fort Hays State University Biological Sciences
George Washington University Molecular Biotechnology
Grand Valley State University Cell and Molecular Biology - Biotechnology Emphasis
Illinois Institute of Technology Biology
Keck Graduate Institute of Applied Life Sciences Medical Devices and Diagnostics
Keck Graduate Institute of Applied Life Sciences Pharmaceutical Discovery and Development
Keck Graduate Institute of Applied Life Sciences Bioprocessing
Keck Graduate Institute of Applied Life Sciences Clinical and Regulatory Affairs
Michigan State University Industrial Microbiology
Michigan State University Zoo and Aquarium Management
Middle Tennessee State University Biostatistics
Middle Tennessee State University Biotechnology
North Carolina State University Biomanufacturing
North Carolina State University Microbial Biotechnology
North Carolina State University Nutrition
Northeastern University Biotechnology
Northeastern University Marine Biology
Northeastern University Biopharmaceutical Regulatory Science
Open University (United Kingdom) (International Program) MSc in Professional Science
Oregon State University Applied Biotechnology
Oregon State University Applied Systematics
Pennsylvania State University Biotechnology
Rice University Bioscience Research and Health Policy
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey (System-Wide Programs for the Camden, Newark, and New Brunswick campuses) Biotechnology and Genomics
San Jose State University Biotechnology
Sonoma State University Bioengineering
Southern Illinois University—Edwardsville Biotechnology Management
St. Johns University Biotechnology
Texas A & M University Biotechnology
Thomas Jefferson University Cell and Developmental Biology
Thomas Jefferson University Microbiology
University at Albany, State University of New York Forensic Biology
University of Arizona Applied Biosciences
University of Central Florida Biotechnology
University of Central Florida Conservation Biology
University of Connecticut Applied Genomics
University of Connecticut Microbial Systems Analysis
University of Delaware Biotechnology
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Bioenergy
University of Maryland—Baltimore County Biotechnology
University of Maryland University College Biotechnology Management
University of Massachusetts (Inter Campus Programs for the Amherst, Boston, Dartmouth, and Lowell campuses) Biomedical Engineering and Biotechnology
University of Massachusetts Lowell Applied Biotechnology
University of Massachusetts Lowell Biosafety
University of Massachusetts Lowell Clinical Lab Sciences
University of Massachusetts Lowell Environmental Biotechnology
University of Massachusetts Lowell Ergonomics and Safety
University of Massachusetts Lowell Occupational, Environmental Hygiene
University of Massachusetts Lowell Project Management in Life Sciences
University of North Texas Biotechnology
University of Northern Iowa Biotechnology
The University of Queensland (Australia) (International Program) Biotechnology
University of South Carolina Biotechnology
University of South Florida Biotechnology
University of Southern Maine Biostatistics
University of Utah Biotechnology




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